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Daria Sukharchuk
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Sunday, 11 November 2018

Selling Sex In The US: Who Does It, Why, And What Do The States Do About It?

Noor Tagouri investigates commercial sex in the US, and explores all different kinds and facets of it: from sexual exploitation fuelled by drug addiction, to child trafficking, to a legal brothel in Nevada. Tagouri starts her series without much knowledge about how sex trade works, or how the authorities deal with it: decriminalize or legalize, or punish the clients? But she travels across the US, and talks to people who help sex trafficking victims, as well as a trans woman who had to sell sex for survival (and was nearly killed doing so), and to the women who sell sex because they can earn good money with it. This series won't leave you with a distinct opinion on how society should handle commercial sex and what it should concentrate on: making it safer, or helping the women get out of it. But it certainly will leave you with many questions: is commercial sex consensual, and can it ever be so, in our unequal society? Can it be just a normal job? 

Selling Sex In The US: Who Does It, Why, And What Do The States Do About It?
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