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Ixtzel Arreola
Rural health worker, scientist and passionate researcher.
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piqer: Ixtzel Arreola
Tuesday, 08 January 2019

Science Vs Pornography

Back in 1992 (before the times of high-speed Internet) a health survey in Switzerland showed that 5% of men between the ages of 18 and 24 suffered from Erectile Dysfunction. The same study was conducted again 23 years later in 2015 with over 2,500 men in the same age range; the result was that 30% of them experienced sexual impotence. Could this growth be a result of regular exposure to porn? Is pornography really addictive and harmful to our brains and sex lives?

In this 22-minute podcast, science journalist Wendy Zukerman interviews Dr Russell Pratt, Dr Simone Kühn and Prof Brian McNair as well as anti-porn campaigner Gabriel Deem and several users and former porn watchers in an aim to unveil the truths and the lies about the effects of adult entertainment on modern sexuality, and answer the repetitively asked question; is porn damaging us? And if so, to what extent? 

Science Vs Pornography
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