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Ciku Kimeria
Writer, Adventurer, Development Consultant, Travelblogger
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Friday, 12 January 2018

Nigeria Lands Its First International Box-Office Hit

Nollywood, Nigeria's film industry, has been churning out thousands of films over the past decades. Best known for ultra-dramatic story lines and a unique African flair, Nollywood struggled to release high-quality films. This has been changing over the past few years, with film directors who are both keeping the fascinating story lines that draw people to Nigerian films, but making sure that the production is top notch. 

From marketing to the distribution, Nigerian media mogul Mo Abudu’s Ebony Life Films and the Elfike Film Collective have ensured that the film looks slickly professional—nothing like the chaos of the wedding it portrays.

The film's success calls for celebration as it proves that all the decades of film-making in the country were laying the foundation for a homegrown film industry. 

The international success is a vindication of sorts. When the quality of early Nollywood films was derided, its advocates argued that its shaky cameras and popping mics were laying a foundation for a professional homegrown film industry. The box-office records broken by The Wedding Party‘s sequel, as well as the first film, justify that faith.

The film's success might be moderate on a global scale, but it is cause for lots of celebration. The Wedding Party: Destination Dubai, a sequel to the 2016 movie The Wedding Party beat out Star Wars: The last Jedi in Nigerian cinemas. In its first week in cinema it earned $202,000. By the end of three weeks, the film had grossed roughly $826,000. It has opened now in 17 other African countries and the UK, and will be expanding to the US, Middle East and the Caribbean. 

Nigeria Lands Its First International Box-Office Hit
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