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Ciku Kimeria
Writer, Adventurer, Development Consultant, Travelblogger
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Thursday, 07 February 2019

Jesus And Jollof Podcast Explores The Five Nigerian Love Languages

Never mind the name, this is neither a religious podcast nor a podcast on food. Jesus and Jollof is as Nigerian a podcast name as you will ever find. 

In the inaugural episode of Jesus and Jollof, Yvonne and Luvvie introduce themselves, how they met and became friends, and how this podcast came to be. Also, ever heard of the Five Love Languages? Well, Luvvie and Yvonne have created the Five Nigerian Love Languages, exploring the ways Nigerians communicate and show affection.

I fell in love with NYT bestselling author Luvvie Ajayi a long time ago. It's hard to tell exactly when I first came across her blog. Whenever someone shared a ribcracking article related to Nigeria or Africa, it almost always led me back to her blog. She's the queen of throwing shade. So many of her stories have me laughing till I cry and my stomach hurts. If I have to pick one, it would have to be the one she wrote about the opening ceremony outfits that the Nigerian team wore at the 2016 olympics. It's a classic.  

The first season of Jesus and Jollof explores our stories, as Nigerian women who grew up in the United States.

It's much easier to remember the first time I heard about the amazing Yvonne Orji. She's one of the two main characters in one of my favourite shows: HBO's Insecure. The show's creator, Issa Rae, Senegalese–American actress, writer, director and producer, is the first black woman to create and star in her own cable show. The nights I have spent binge-watching Insecure have felt like time spent with my own friends. The show has broken so many barriers and been revolutionary simply by telling stories of women like us for women like us. 

This inaugural episode of the podcast brings together these two amazingly talented, high-achieving Nigerian–American artists as they discuss The Five Nigerian Love Languages. They did not disappoint. 

Jesus And Jollof Podcast Explores The Five Nigerian Love Languages
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