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Rashmi Vasudeva
Features writer on health, lifestyle and the Arts, digital marketing blogger, mother
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piqer: Rashmi Vasudeva
Monday, 15 April 2019

How To Maximize Minimalism

Minimalism is everywhere today, even on Netflix with the hugely popular series "Tidying up With Marie Kondo". But like any other viral trend, minimalism too is suffering from an excess of attention. Ironically enough, a concept that essentially propounds lightness, space and freedom is being burdened with heavy misconceptions, vague 'isms' and other sundry stuff.

In this context, this podcast comes as a much-needed primer on all things minimalism for those who want to understand it better and perhaps are looking to implement it in their stressful and cluttered lives. Joshua and Ryan, the hosts of the podcast, have been talking about minimalism for a while now, in their books, documentaries and articles in several prestigious publications. This podcast is a deeper and a more conversational look at their pet subject.

Launched in 2016, the podcast focuses on the underlying ideas and philosophies that shape minimalism. As the hosts say, the point of minimalism is not just eliminating clutter or material possessions. Yes, removing excess is a crucial part of being minimalist, but filling that void with more time for oneself, more creativity and more passion is the important part that often gets side-lined or ignored altogether. Clearing clutter is not to have emptiness in its place—clearing clutter is to make room for something better.

Each episode takes up one aspect or angle of the larger concept and explores it in detail. For instance, the latest is about overcoming writer/creator's block as well as getting out of a situation where you feel you are stuck emotionally. How to determine when is the right time to move on? Is it a creative block or simply not your priority anymore? Questions like these and more that every one of us are faced with on an everyday basis. All in all, a good place to stop by if you are feeling overwhelmed with your life and are looking to de-stress. 

How To Maximize Minimalism
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