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Sezin Oney
Journalist-Political Scientist
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Monday, 29 April 2019

"Game Of Thrones Weekly" Podcast

It is the topic everyone has been talking about: and of course it is Game of Thrones. And once the up and coming episode is watched and consumed, what better alternative than savour it even further by talking about it, or listening to a podcast about it?

In 2017, The Vulture compiled the 10 best podcasts list about GoT, and authors Nicholas Quah and Rebecca Alter were saying:

There are few things more pleasurable than savoring every detail from a given episode of Game of Thrones. Each installment is rich and dense and full of portent, with much of it deeply informed by what has come before. The details are so important, in fact, that it’s all also incredibly overwhelming. If you don’t possess a firm grasp of Westeros' history or a particularly good memory, the earlier seasons — which are crucial to understanding and contextualizing what’s happening — can exist as little more than hazy references, with callbacks, Easter eggs, and tied-up loose ends soaring by unrecognized.

Their list of 2017 still features fresh stuff, with some updates. But there is always more to devour if the topic is GoT. So Entertainment Weekly is keeping up the trend with a podcast: but beware, as in the instance of this podcast, there are major spoilers. So these podcast series are for those who have already watched the episode in question and would like to go on reflecting about it.

Entertainment Weekly's novelty is that they boast having spent the most time together with the crew as GoT was being shot, so they have a lot of background information to share.

"Game Of Thrones Weekly" Podcast
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