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Patricia Alonso

Freelance journalist based in Istanbul. Keeping an eye on Turkish politics and development.

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piqer: Patricia Alonso
Monday, 04 December 2017

Facebook Partners With Imams To Keep Muslims Safe Online, And It's Failing

On November 29, Facebook launched a new guide aimed at tackling hate and bigotry against Muslim communities online.

One of the key recommendations in the guide is for young Muslims to share positive stories to tackle hateful content on Facebook.

"If you see someone being targeted for being a Muslim, don’t be a bystander. Share your good news stories of how Muslims contribute to society to help dispel the myths and lies of far-right and anti-Muslim voices".

According to Aisha Gani, many think that this partnership is useless, as it is placing the onus on the young Muslims to teach tolerance to haters on social media.

Why should it be their responsibility to combat that situation? And how is sharing positive news going to end hate speech?

Gani's interviewees aren't convinced about the effectiveness of this process, which looks more like a PR strategy 'that needs to happen'. 

However, an interesting point of this guide – if applied correctly – is the training on online safety, considering that many terrorists are recruiting online.  

Facebook Partners With Imams To Keep Muslims Safe Online, And It's Failing
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