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Ixtzel Arreola de Hanekamp
Rural health worker, scientist and passionate researcher.
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piqer: Ixtzel Arreola de Hanekamp
Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Emma Watson's Interview With Rupi Kaur

When I first heard that Emma Watson was interviewing Instapoet Rupi Kaur, my heart fell to the floor. This is the conversation of two brilliant, cultivated and courageous women sharing their thoughts on life, sisterhood and art.

Rupi's addictive book Milk and Honey has been at the top of the New York Times bestseller list for more than 100 weeks, and it is a parade of deeply moving prose about survival, heartache, love and femininity. As Emma herself said:

Rupi’s poems are not designed to obscure meaning or entertain too much ambiguity — they hit you like punches to the stomach. They are immediate, visceral and not easily digested. I am loathe to say Rupi has made poetry “accessible” because while this is the truth (Rupi’s poems and illustrations fit well into those famously square shaped Instagram frames), there is nothing easy or accessible about what Rupi chooses to talk about. In fact, the topics she chooses are audacious.

Milk and Honey is being featured this summer in Emma's book club. Meanwhile, Rupi is currently on tour promoting her second book The Sun and Her Flowers, another bestseller (published in October 2017) exploring the topics of trauma, healing, loss and migration.

Emma Watson's Interview With Rupi Kaur
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