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Chhavi Sachdev
Podcaster and Independent Radio Producer/Reporter
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Monday, 29 April 2019

Discovery Of Ancient Cave Drawings In India Raises Some Questions And Controversy

India is known for tigers and peacocks, elephants and leopards, but not kangaroos. The pouched marsupials are native to Australia ... we know that. But do we really?

In this podcast, we visit 4,000 year old caves with archaeologist Jinu Koshy, who recently discovered some very old art by our itinerant ancestors on the stone walls. He says some of the animals in the paintings may be kangaroos! Is that possible?

In 18 minutes, host Anupama takes on the challenge of giving us context, history, a lot of description and then, in true journalistic fashion, a check on Koshy's claim that these creatures are kangaroos at all. It's an alluring mystery. Koshy posits that even if kangaroos didn't hop across to India (there isn't a single fossil to suggest they might have been on the subcontinent) perhaps one of our two-legged ancestors traveled across the Pangea and transmitted an oral memory to their children and children's children – who then drew it upon red rocks in South India. What's the truth? Well, listen to find out. 

Discovery Of Ancient Cave Drawings In India Raises Some Questions And Controversy
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