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Padmaparna Ghosh
Journalist and podcaster
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Thursday, 07 March 2019

Cycle Power: A Podcast On Periods

How many questions can there exist on periods? The answer: Many. At least a podcast season with 22 episodes and a Season 2 looming! Comedian and producer Kate Elston, along with two other improv artists, Meghann Hayes and Meg Trowbridge, use the podcast "Vicious Cycle" to demystify, complain about, normalize and laugh at periods.  

Over these episodes, the hosts, in a freewheeling manner, discuss several health and reproductive issues that women face. Yes, the subjects might all be prefaced with the word "period". The truth is that all the subjects, from endometriosis to hormonal issues, from tampons to cramps to birth control, are realities that women face very commonly. 

The fact that all three hosts are comedians helps take any squeamishness out of the subject matter. In fact, quite delightfully the hosts dig into into the messy and hidden aspects of menstruation. The episodes on tampons and menstrual cups discuss not only the deep history (surprisingly they all go way back!) of these products, but also the many questions that I definitely have faced while considering one over the other. I suppose this will appeal to mostly women, but hey, men lose nothing by learning more about how the whole system works. (Psst, it is not a secret.)

Bonus: The women on the show sing improvised songs along the way, of course related to periods, that are often quite funny. 

Cycle Power: A Podcast On Periods
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