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Danielle Batist
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Sunday, 12 November 2017

'Carpe Diem Politics': How To Do More Than Just Resist

This column by Australian philosopher Roman Krznaric highlights the need for community activists to come together and ‘seize the moment’. Having just read Naomi Klein’s latest book, No Is Not Enough: Resisting Trump’s Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need, I was reminded of a brilliantly effective short video she made, effectively summarizing the book into a five-step plan to action for all of us.

In this column for the American-based Yes Magazine, Krznaric calls for similar ‘beyond resistance’ actions. He believes protest movements will be more successful if they draw on what he calls ‘carpe diem politics’. In order to do so, they need to firstly mobilise themselves in an organised way: 'It’s not enough to use smart social media strategies to get people to pour spontaneously into the streets. Nothing beats the hard work of face-to-face community organizing.' And, he argues, single-issue groups and movements need to combine their strategies with clear policy aims.

In a world where there’s much to resist, both Krznaric and Klein’s takes on how are worth our time.

'Carpe Diem Politics': How To Do More Than Just Resist
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