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Sezin Oney
Journalist-Political Scientist
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piqer: Sezin Oney
Sunday, 28 April 2019

A Gothic "Horror" Podcast

Podcasts come in all forms, sizes, and content. Multitudes of possibilities that diverse podcasts offer are sometimes astonishing: here is an example of a "Gothic horror podcast". The podcast series "Unwell" is an interesting example if you like storytelling podcasts; in this particular instance, horror stories. But, even if you are skeptical about the genre of horror, Unwell is interesting.

First of all, as Unwell's executive producers Jeffrey Gardner and Eleanor Hyde communicate in an interview: They lived in central Ohio for a number of years as undergraduates in college, and the rural setting is one that’s 'near and dear' to their hearts:

But it’s also a world that really meshes well with the kind of gothic horror [that] we so often think of as big Victorian mansions and the British countryside. That is really awe-inspiring in the old-school terror way, and I was interested in telling stories in that context.

The story of Unwell is as follows: the main character, Lillian Harper, moves in with her mother in the very small town of Mt Absalom, Ohio to help her recover after injury. Lillian and her mother had been estranged for some years, and when she returns to her mother’s home, which is in fact a boarding house, she comes across various strange and spooky characters. Conspiracies abound, as well as ghosts.

The Verge's Andrew Liptak describes Unwell:

Parts of the series feels as though it’s akin to shows like Twin Peaks or Sharp Objects: stories set in, and dealing with characters who live in, insular communities. It’s a type of story that has a long history within horror canon, and lends itself well to supernatural mischief. 

If you want to hook yourself up with a "listening" series, instead of a watching one, Unwell is a good example. If you are not into horror, there are many other examples coming up in diverse genres: TV series will have serious challenge from their podcast counterparts. 

A Gothic "Horror" Podcast
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