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Ixtzel Arreola de Hanekamp
Rural health worker, scientist and passionate researcher.
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piqer: Ixtzel Arreola de Hanekamp
Thursday, 10 August 2017

A Cabinet of Chic Curiosities

The world is a particularly fascinating place. Men getting hit on the head by falling babies, colonies that disappear on their totality without leaving any traces behind, extraordinarily complex manuscripts written on unresistant languages, people inexplicably bursting into flames, Vile Vortexes and many, many, many other mind-blowing coincidences and events. There's no need to repeat what we already know: This planet is outstandingly mesmerizing.

I'm about to give away one of my secret favorite jewels: Messy Nessy's blog.

Vanessa lives in the city of romance and endless grace, Paris, where she founded what she calls a cabinet of chic curiosities. What can I say about it? Well, is a wonderful site on which I've found the most beautiful, the funniest and the most captivating stories, photographs and bizarre antiques. Walking into her blog is a little bit like entering Wonderland, and if you're not careful, you might navigate its waters like a sailor who follows the voices of the mermaids, forgetting to make stops to even eat or drink. 

Nessy has also just written a book titled Don't Be A Tourist In Paris (you can see the trailer here), which, and I quote, ''Is a vault of local secrets, insider advice and little-known urban anecdotes, finally unlocked and in print. The result of seven years of discovery in one of the most fascinating cities on earth.'' 

How should I ever finish this little article? Well, perhaps of course by linking you to her Instagram account, gift yourself some exquisiteness and check it out. 

A Cabinet of Chic Curiosities
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