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Do the curators get paid for their work?

Yes, our piqers are paid for three services: 

  1. A maximum of one recommendation a day and two per week
  2. A short description of the linked content
  3. Enthusiasm for audio discovery and discussion with other curators and our members

What criteria do you use to select curators?

Our curators are typically full-time professionals who are experts in their fields, with backgrounds in journalism, politics, academia, science and technology. Apart from their individual expertise and widespread consumption of audio content, our curators must have a talent for discovering fascinating new podcasts, writing succinct summaries, as well as an interest in engaging with piqd members.

What are your expectations of your curators?

piqd helps its users discover exciting new podcasts and audio content about different subjects, produced by people from different backgrounds and political persuasions. We are committed to contributing to a more diverse media experience. We expect our curators to support this mission. They must also be:

  • Avid podcast and audio consumers,
  • Open to different opinions and points of view

How do piqs reach me?

You can receive our recommendations in a variety of ways:
You can read all piqs on our homepage without having to log in.
Members can receive piqs via: 1. Email newsletter (frequency, length and topics are configureable in your settings) 2. Personalized homepage, highlighting only the piqs from the channels you’ve subscribed to (
3. Newsletter "piqs of the week" (once a week the best 5 piqs and other interesting news is share with you in a separate newsletter). You may opt in or out of the newsletter in your settings. 4. Facebook (many piqs are shared on our Facebook page) 5. RSS (every channel is equipped with an RSS feed; members may also read their personalized piqd stream via RSS).

How can I support piqd?

At piqd, we rely on real people to recommend each podcast, rather than algorithms or machines. Here’s how you can support this valuable work:
• Become a paying member of piqd for $7 per month, or $47 per year.
• Secure a lifelong piqd membership for only $299 (includes a piqd t-shirt).
• You can also support us with a one time payment, without becoming a member. We thank you in advance for your support. You can donate to via Paypal or by bank transfer.
IBAN: DE51 7009 3200 0002 0836 63,
VR Bank Starnberg-Herrsching-Landsberg, Germany
• Do you have any more questions? Please check out our information online. Or contact our support by email at [email protected]


What’s piqd social?

Since October, a new feature on piqd allows you to follow other community members. We’ve put it in place to make it even easier for you to find relevant content on the web and to network with interesting people. Please invite your friends to join! piqs written by the members you follow will now automatically appear in your personalised list of piqd audio recommendations.

What’s new in the community? - Community members can now write piqs on any relevant topic, and they are no longer limited to only certain channels.
- Now, you can follow other members.
- It’s become even easier to invite others to join piqd.
- Within the community, channels are no longer as strictly separated from one another.
- piqd’s editorial board will feature outstanding community piqs in the newsletter, and in your list of audio recommendations.
- After logging in, any member can comment and write community piqs.

How can I find other piqd members?

You can find all members who have written at least one community piq. You can adjust your settings and decide whether you want your profile to be private or public.

What are piqd pennies?

We’ve now introduced “piqd pennies” to our page. From now on, we will reward your contribution to our community:

What can I do with piqd pennies?

Turn your piqd pennies into e-books and books on our partner platform We’ll explain below how it works. Additionally, there will be constantly updated special rewards.

How do I redeem piqd pennies?

In order to redeem your piqd pennies on, you’ll need a profile. Don’t worry, creating one is easy and hassle-free, and your data on the platform will not be shared with anyone. As soon as you have created your personal account, you’ll be able to turn your piqd pennies into mojo credits by going here: Once you have collected enough mojo credits, you can buy books and pay with your credit instead of spending Euros.

All other vouchers can be redeemed here:

How much is a piqd penny worth?

Piqd pennies are a symbolic currency, and we’ll adjust its value as we go along. For now, one piqd penny will equal one euro-cent.

Are there additional ways of earning more piqd pennies?

Sure! We’ll keep you posted on our specials through our newsletter, and we’re planning some surprises for you in the community too!

What’s the goal of introducing piqd pennies?

The pennies provide an incentive to get even more involved, and to contribute great quality comments and piqs. What’s in it for us? Happy users and a thriving community!