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Do the curators get paid for their work?

Yes, our editors are paid for three services:

  1. A maximum of one recommendation a day and two per week
  2. A short description of the linked content
  3. Discussing with other curators and our members

According to which criteria do you select your curators?

Apart from their expertise and their widespread consumption of digital media, our curators must have a talent for curating and describing relevant finds as well as an interest in conversing with our members

What are your expectations of your curators?

piqd helps its users in maintaining an overview of certain topics and gaining insight into the different sides of a debate. We expect our curators to support this dynamic.

  • An overview of a wide variety of sources and publications,
  • A focus on positive and successful people and moments,
  • And to support different opinions; the other side of the medal, so to speak

How can I support piqd?

At piqd real people decide what is relevant, not machines. This is how you can support this valuable work:

  • Become a paying member of piqd for 7$ per month or 47$ per year.
  • Secure a lifelong piqd membership for only 299 $ (including piqd shirt).
  • You would like to support us without a membership as a one-time payment?
    We are looking forward to your support via Paypal or by bank transfer.
    IBAN: DE51 7009 3200 0002 0836 63,
    VR Bank Starnberg-Herrsching-Landsberg, Germany
  • Do you have any more questions? Please check out our information online. Or contact our support by email at [email protected].