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Danielle Batist
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piqer: Danielle Batist
Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Crying For Empathy: Baby As Teacher In The Classroom

In thousands of schools around the world, children aged 5-12 take lessons from a newborn baby. The result? Increased emotional intelligence, understanding and empathy.

I started following the Roots of Empathy story in 2014, when I wrote my first article about the programme. It became one of the most popular solutions-focused stories I ever wrote, with reprints in a range of magazines in different countries.

As some of you might know, I since founded the Constructive Journalism Project and in that capacity I am always on the lookout for media outlets who are starting to embrace constructive journalism. The BBC World Hacks video series is a great example of this. I was especially pleased to see that they recently featured Roots of Empathy in a short video for the series – the one example I often use myself!

As I wrote back in 2014: “It is unusual education on all levels. The subject matter isn’t maths or literacy but empathy, and it’s not a teacher but an infant who guides us. Empathy is not taught, but caught. And the mood is infectious.”

If you’re short on time and interested in inspiring short stories about people fixing problems, I recommend you have a browse around BBC World Hacks. The video episodes are about four minutes long and you can download a series of podcasts, too.

Crying For Empathy: Baby As Teacher In The Classroom
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