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Raksha Kumar
Freelance Multimedia Journalist
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Raksha Kumar
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Sunday, 06 January 2019

The Indianness of Indian Food

What is 'Indian' has been a question that historians, philosophers and politicians have tried to answer for a while now. 

The subcontinent is massive, with various of hundreds of cultures, millions of traditions and thousands of languages. In this melting pot of diversity, what is the one thing that holds them together? 

This podcast tries to understand food that came to India from different places to become one of India's own. How did that happen? Why do we call certain foods 'Indian'? Is that an accurate definition?If you are having food in an Indian restraurant in Manhattan, is it actually Indian food? The probability of the Indian food carts in London being run by Pakistanis or Bangladeshis is much higher. 

Food writer Vikram Doctor tells Amit Varma in The Seen and the Unseen podcast that what we think of as Indian food originated elsewhere -- and it doesn't matter.Almost everyone is interested in food. Here's a story of spicy, tasty, flavourful foods of the subcontinent. Listen on. 

The Indianness of Indian Food
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