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Malia Politzer
Editor of International Investigative Journalist
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piqer: Malia Politzer
Sunday, 27 January 2019

Sleuth: An Investigation Into An Extraordinary Murder Case

In "Sleuth", host and investigative journalist Linda Sawyer tries to untangle the complete truth of the bizarre murders of Sam Herr and Julie Kibuishi by local Orange County theater star Daniel Wozniak.

At first, it seems like a cut and dry case: Dan Wozniak admitted to killing and dismembering Sam Herr and then shooting Julie Kibuishi—murders for which he is now sitting on death row. His motive? Money: He said he needed their savings in order to take his fiancée, former Disney Princess Rachel Buffett, on a lush honeymoon. 

But as Sawyer digs into the details of the case, it seems pretty clear that Wozniak didn't plan and execute the grisly murders alone. "Sleuth" follows Sawyer's investigation into the murder cases in an attempt to unearth the entire truth of the murders. It's a fascinating deep dive into the investigation of a murder, and also how at times police efforts to convict someone (and their inability to find definitive proof) sometimes means that others, who might also be implicated in the crime, might walk free.   

Sleuth: An Investigation Into An Extraordinary Murder Case
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