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Raksha Kumar
Freelance Multimedia Journalist
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Raksha Kumar
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Friday, 07 December 2018

One Hundred Thousand Farmers Marched To India's Capital. Here's Why.

India houses one fifth of the world's population. To feed 1.3 billion people (approximately four times the population of the US), farmers in the country need many natural and man-made conditions to work in their favour. India's land holdings are getting smaller with each generation, soil is eroded, and rainfall is susceptible to climate change and global warming. In such situations, the farmers will turn to the government of the day to not just bail them out, but to also ensure the country's food security. This is at the crux of the recent farmers' march to Delhi. The podcast begins with four journalists sharing their experience of covering the long rally.

Then it tries to answer the following questions: 

Is the Indian media too urban and elite to understand the issues of the largely poor farmers? How does Indian media's coverage of these issues affect policy making? 

Most importantly, how does the common man understand the plight of the farming community and empathise with the farmers? 

One Hundred Thousand Farmers Marched To India's Capital. Here's Why.
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