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Raksha Kumar
Freelance Multimedia Journalist
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Raksha Kumar
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Tuesday, 05 March 2019

How to set priorities (This is not a guide)

My engagement with "gift economy", "minimalism" and anti-consumerist lifestyle began in 2010. I came into contact with Freegans in New York City and tracked their lives for over a year. By the end of it, I wrote a long form essay about the group and the idea of living without money. And combined the essay with a 7-minute video explaining the same issue. Almost eight years later, I feel the importance of understanding a live without (or with very little) money has only increased. This podcast episodically discusses "what it means to live a meaningful life with less stuff". The hosts of the podcasts produced a documentary titled The Minimalists.Since they have spent many months going over the political, economic, social and philosophical aspects of a moneyless life, the hosts have a deeper understanding of the issue. 

This particular episode is about When minimizing possessions, how do you know when to stop? When donating time, how do you minimize duties and schedules? 

If you think you need your priorities to live a meaningful life straight, do listen in.  

How to set priorities (This is not a guide)
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