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Santiago Saez Moreno
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piqer: Santiago Saez Moreno
Thursday, 17 January 2019

What's The Deal About The Green New Deal?

The Green New Deal is the new political battle horse of the American progressives, in which many of their medium-term hopes are put. It is, so far, confined to the United States, but you have, most likely, heard it mentioned abroad too. You may have also heard about its number one champion, the New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But who's she? And what's the deal with the Green New Deal?

For my first piq of the year, I've chosen this Mother Jones podcast, which goes over what promises to be one of the most interesting political fights of 2019. If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her allies manage to beat the critics of her own party and make the Green New Deal a defining concept for the Democrats, it will surely make a phenomenal weapon against some of Trump's rhetorical strongholds, such as the idea that green policies and jobs are mutually exclusive.

The podcast is clearly divided in two parts. The first half includes an interview with guest Vien Truong, CEO of advocacy group Green for All, discussing Ocasio-Cortez's leadership and the history of the Green New Deal. From the straightforward reference to Roosevelt's New Deal to Obama's clean energy policies, the podcast explores the plan's roots.

I found the second half more interesting, though, as it includes a serious critical approach to the plan. Led by an intervention by Mother Jones environmental policy correspondent Rebecca Leber, the show goes on to analyze how the plan is doing within the Democrats. Then it presents Sean Casten, a newly minted Democrat congressman, who considers that the plan is simply not fast enough.

Finally, there's an outlook of 2019's main climate policy stories. I found it interesting, but it's very US-focused, so you can skip it if that's not up your alley.

The podcast is very well balanced and the pace is right. It won't tell you all about the Green New Deal, but it will give listeners the basic coordinates on the story in less than 25 minutes.

What's The Deal About The Green New Deal?
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