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Climate and Environment

Santiago Saez Moreno
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Monday, 28 January 2019

We Are Doomed (Or Are We?)

Climate change is upon us, and many people think we've already gone past the point of no return. We are doomed. However, both activists and scientists (and many journalists, including me), still think that we shouldn't give room to that idea, as despair can be paralyzing, and thus a self-fulfilling prophecy. But what if hopelessness is exactly what we need to snap out of inaction? 

This podcast features 51 minutes of live-recorded debate. Expect no cleverly-placed sound effects or sophisticated narrative tricks. It's just three people talking. It wouldn't seem very special as a set-up, but being traditional doesn't mean it's not interesting. This is a great bottle of wine, as opposed to the also great beers I often encounter.

The show is anchored by Greg Dalton, and his two guests are Roy Scranton (author, environmentalist, and post 9/11 Iraq veteran) and Matthew Fox (author, priest, and theologian). While Fox is a fantastic character and speaker, and brilliantly argues for hope, it was Scranton's argument that got my attention.

When he was in Iraq, Scranton's life was in serious danger. That made him feel scared and anxious to a point where his ability to do his job was compromised. He then embraced an unexpected solution. He started meditating on his own doom.

I started imagining my own death [...], and not just imagining it, but accepting it as true [...], and then I said to myself. "Ok, now that's done. Now what?"

I was really surprised at how Scranton turned around the terror that I personally feel about what's possibly coming. His theory is that only from a place of utter acceptance of the inevitable, of darkness, can new ideas be born. And, unexpectedly, Fox will meet him at some point.

The debate goes way deeper than you think (even after reading the above). If you appreciate meditation and enjoy a great conversation, this podcast is for you.

We Are Doomed (Or Are We?)
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