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Climate and Environment

Padmaparna Ghosh
Journalist and podcaster
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Thursday, 21 February 2019

Some Presidents Believe In Climate Change

How many presidents have their own podcast? Or co-host one with a comedian? Chatting about climate change and justice? 

Mothers of Invention might be the only one. Hosted by Irish writer and comedian Maeve Higgins and former president of Ireland Mary Robinson (also the first woman to hold the post), this podcast is working to illustrate the role of women in fighting climate change around the world. 

In its second season now, the first episode interviews a 13-year-old climate activist in the US, an indigenous rights leader from Chad who is fighting for climate justice, and a climate scientist from Botswana – all women. 

The chemistry between Robinson and Higgins works sort of like "Good Cop Bad Cop", but within the realm of climate change and science. Robinson is the level-headed, good-humored advisor to Higgins' gentle quips on her illiteracy about climate change. If not particularly original (typical teacher – student chemistry), the script will give you a chuckle or two. Also, each episode manages to encapsulate various stories pretty well. You will end up knowing a decent amount about current events (at the intersection of climate change and women) and women who otherwise might not have shown up in your news feed. 

What the podcast does emphasize well is the wide diversity of women (ages, nationalities, professions) who are trying in various ways to impact their worlds. Over the six episodes in season 1, the podcast will move from gender equality to plastic bans, from climate change health impacts to clean energy solutions. 

Some Presidents Believe In Climate Change
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