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Climate and Environment

Pamela Leiva Jacquelín
Communicator specialising on indigenous issues
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piqer: Pamela Leiva Jacquelín
Sunday, 19 March 2017

Putting A Human Face To The Battle Against Climate Change

There is always a frontline. According to Global Witness, 185 environmental activists were murdered worldwide in 2015. A third of those were indigenous leaders in Latin America. How often do you get to read who are those people that literally put their bodies to defend their land? As climate change actions gain international coverage, so do indigenous leaders and local communities.

On dangerous ground

The hunt for profit sets new rules and extraction makes the clock tick. As this article shows, climate change is not only an environmental issue but a threat to the most fundamental human rights. Even though it is clear that vulnerable groups in certain areas of the planet will take the hardest hit, their identities do not transcend anonymity. Who are they and what do they claim? This article contextualises a historic cause while emphasising a global trend hidden in the climate change debate.

Putting A Human Face To The Battle Against Climate Change
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