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Climate and Environment

Andrea Chu
Freelance Writer
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piqer: Andrea Chu
Sunday, 16 September 2018

Podcast: Warm Regards — The Hidden Clash Between Environmentalism And Feminism

Warm Regards is a podcast on climate science started by Eric Holthaus, Andy Revik, and Jacquelyn Gill. It features a number of rotating co-hosts who help break down science, talk about various issues related to a warming planet, and discuss how we can make change in regards to climate change and society. 

In this particular episode, the hosts start with a discussion on the ocean and how we (as a planet) have not been here several thousand years. Soon the conversation turns to how we as environmentalists can often feel as if "we are always compromising" and being bad environmentalists, and also bad moms. The bulk of the episode explores this arena. 

Jacquelyn Gill (a paleoecologist at the University of Maine), Sarah Myhre (a paleooceanographer at the University of Washington) and Jennifer Bernstein (a geographer at the University of Southern California) talk a lot about the intersections and conflicts between mainstream environmental narratives and feminism, as well as considerations of race and class. How have environmental truisms not accounted for "the second shift" or the accessibility of certain ways of living? How are the environmental decisions and changes exacerbating the burden on women, particularly women of color and working class women? And, how are "the environment" and women conflated in environmental narratives?

Throughout the podcast, the three women discuss various questions, critiques of a certain Michael Pollan, and a number of "unpopular opinions." The conversations are informative, nuanced, as well as very personal and engaging. Not to mention completely volunteer-run! 

Podcast: Warm Regards — The Hidden Clash Between Environmentalism And Feminism
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