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Urszula Papajak
Freelance Journalist

Passionate about solutions that empower citizens in their fight for energy democracy. She will be curating an online discussion about the current energy transition, covering news on smart grid developments, new legal solutions supportive of citizen-owned renewable energy and much more.

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piqer: Urszula Papajak
Saturday, 18 March 2017

Europe Is The Most Active Region For Blockchain Pilots In Energy

There's a new buzzword emerging in the energy industry: blockchain. It’s commonly known as a digital ledger in which transactions made in bitcoin or other cryptocurrency are recorded chronologically and publicly.

The question that recently emerged is: can blockchain also be used to track the flow of electrons on a distributed grid?

If the future electric system is made up of billions of endpoints interacting with each other — smart applications, electric vehicles, microgrids, solar systems — how do you create a secure system that can verify instantaneous, autonomous transactions across these nodes as market changes?

Many people believe that the blockchain can serve as the foundation for this system.

The article looks at current blockchain developments around the world (the world map helps in visualising the progress). So far the EU is undoubtedly the most active region globally, not just in terms of blockchain in energy but also in terms of the broader core developer network.

Europe Is The Most Active Region For Blockchain Pilots In Energy

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