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Climate and Environment

Padmaparna Ghosh
Journalist and podcaster
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Saturday, 05 January 2019

Does Isolation Still Exist On A Cramped Planet?

One would think that the beauty, vitality and vibrancy of Earth's immense and colorful biodiversity can only be visual. How else would you span the Serengeti or the illustrate the colors of rainforest birds or map the migration of butterflies? Aren't nature documentaries, as narrated by David Attenborough, the ultimate visual feast?

But what we forget is that nature is often auditory. The harmonious cacophony in a forest, the mating calls of rambunctious creatures, the soothing underwater sound of a whale song. Even when surrounded by life itself, we can often find ourselves isolated in the most life-affirming way ... This is what this episode — Isolation — by the BBC Earth podcast is about. 

From the forests of Virunga (Rwanda) to frigid Antarctica, from unexplored underground caves to underwater amphitheaters, this episode is an absolute treat for not only those who enjoy the outdoors but also those who want to be transported to other worlds from their armchairs. 

With impressive sound design, production, and moving stories from the intersection of wildlife and humanity, Isolation — a 27-minute episode — takes us through the diverse mosaic that is Earth.

Does Isolation Still Exist On A Cramped Planet?
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