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Climate and Environment

Padmaparna Ghosh
Journalist and podcaster
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piqer: Padmaparna Ghosh
Monday, 28 January 2019

Coming Soon: Farm Boom In Canada, Engineered Calves And More ...

How are we preparing for the future? And for the alternate futures that climate change is forcing us to reckon with? We often hear stories, and legitimately so, from the global south, reporting from regions that are being battered by the changes brought about by our activities on Earth.

But people in northern latitudes are also experiencing changes they never expected — for instance, agricultural booms in frigid areas of Canada. WSJ's Future of Everything podcast brings a three-part series on the kind of changes our primary food supplies are facing — from Alberta Canada, from farms that are experimenting with genetically engineered calves to laboratories churning out non-meat-based meat to the depths of fishing economics. 

The reporters on this podcast go to places that are in the middle of fundamental changes to their livelihoods and cultures — all brought about by climate change.  

Coming Soon: Farm Boom In Canada, Engineered Calves And More ...
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