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Urszula Papajak
Freelance Journalist

Passionate about solutions that empower citizens in their fight for energy democracy. She will be curating an online discussion about the current energy transition, covering news on smart grid developments, new legal solutions supportive of citizen-owned renewable energy and much more.

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piqer: Urszula Papajak
Monday, 20 March 2017

Brooklyn Experiment: A Virtual, Peer2Peer Energy Trading System Built On Blockchain

Our energy system is evolving. Rapidly changing technologies are reshaping traditional relationships between energy consumers and producers.  

Brooklyn Microgrid is certainly one of the projects that tries to bypass  conventional ways of the energy supply. Fifty participants are developing a virtual trading platform that will allow solar-energy producers to sell excess-electricity credits from their systems to buyers in the group. The idea is to create a virtual, peer-to-peer exchange framework that will allow neighbours to trade energy among themselves.

The article looks closely at this steadily growing network, also from an international perspective, comparing it to other, similar projects around the world. 

Brooklyn Experiment: A Virtual, Peer2Peer Energy Trading System Built On Blockchain
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