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Climate and Environment

Urszula Papajak
Freelance Journalist

Passionate about solutions that empower citizens in their fight for energy democracy. She will be curating an online discussion about the current energy transition, covering news on smart grid developments, new regulatory solutions supportive of citizen-owned renewable energy and much more.

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piqer: Urszula Papajak
Friday, 19 May 2017

Australian Community That Took Back The Power

The initial stage of most community energy projects is often marked by uncertainty — local opposition, financial difficulties, permits, bureaucracy…they all require a certain amount of patience and persistence. Which is why this story is so inspiring.

“We used to have our own generator in the main street of Daylesford, and our own hydro station down at the lake,” says the mayor of Hepburn Shire, Sebastian Klein.

Hepburn Shire, 90km northwest of Melbourne, used to own its power back in the days. Taking it back was, in a way, an obvious step for this community.

The construction of Gusto and Gale (yep, the turbines are called Gusto and Gale ☺) commenced in 2010 and they started selling power in 2011. 

The cooperative that owns and operates the windfarm has now 2,007 members, who have contributed just under $10m. 

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Australian Community That Took Back The Power
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