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Climate and Environment

Urszula Papajak
Freelance Journalist

Passionate about solutions that empower citizens in their fight for energy democracy. She will be curating an online discussion about the current energy transition, covering news on smart grid developments, new regulatory solutions supportive of citizen-owned renewable energy and much more.

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piqer: Urszula Papajak
Sunday, 16 July 2017

A Small Community In Detroit That Lit Up Their Streets With Solar Power

Highland Park is a small community in Detroit, US. When the city couldn't afford its four million dollar unpaid street lighting bill in 2011, most of the streetlights were removed from the residential areas.

The entire community was literally left out in the dark…so they organised. It started out with a simple goal: crowd-fund enough money for one solar-powered streetlight in Highland Park, to demonstrate that this technology could actually be more affordable and resilient.

That light went up in 2012. 

The residents did not stop there, though. A couple of years later, a few more solar lights went up.

A heartwarming story of an inspiring community! Definitely worth a read!

A Small Community In Detroit That Lit Up Their Streets With Solar Power
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