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Climate and Environment

Santiago Saez Moreno
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piqer: Santiago Saez Moreno
Thursday, 04 April 2019

A Podcast Of (Climate) Podcasts

America Adapts is one of the best-known climate podcasts out there. It's been running for almost three years now, and it's, basically, in every list of must-listen-to podcasts on global warming. Its reputation is well earned: It is a polished, professional show that takes on relevant topics, with excellent guests and a very knowledgeable host. I didn't recommend it before because it's pretty US-centered and often targeted to professionals in the adaptation sector.

This particular episode is a special, two hour long edition, in which the host, Doug Parsons, interviews eight other podcasters who are producing top-notch content. Some of these podcasts, like Warm Regards or No Place Like Home, have already been piqed. Others were new to me.

Here's the full list (with time codes). Wait for the end of each interview to hear one recommended guest from each of the podcast hosts:

(02:02) Warm Regards: Where climate scientists and other experts come down to earth and talk about their field of expertise as "if they were having a beer with friends".

(17:52) Climactic: A podcast that celebrates the struggle of people trying to make a difference in their daily lives.

(34:31) The Climate And Security Podcast: Where climate change is seen from the point of view of conflict and international conflict.

(48:00) No Place Like Home: A space to talk about the personal stories of climate change, with two extremely enthusiastic activist hosts. One of my personal favorites.

(01:06:15) Climate Ready: Another show on adaptation, this one looking at the intersection of climate and water.

(01:21:50) Climate Conversations: A podcast produced by MIT alumni, which draws on the academic expertise of the university.

(01:33:06) Reversing Climate Change: A podcast that looks at the possibilities of actually restoring Earth to a previous state (as stated clearly in the title).

(01:46:27) Climate One: Climate conversations with some of the top figures in the debate with a live audience.

A Podcast Of (Climate) Podcasts
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