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Boom and bust

Danielle Batist
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piqer: Danielle Batist
Monday, 04 December 2017

The True Cost Of Fashion

If you’re questioning your spending behaviour in the run-up to Christmas, this is an interesting multimedia story to consume.

Bangladesh is home to almost five million garment workers, making it the second largest manufacturer of garments in the world. The country's factory workers make the clothes so many of us wear every day. And yet we have no idea about the human beings on the other side of the garment supply chain.

Non-profit On Our Radar teamed up with New Internationalist magazine to tell intimate stories about garment workers’ hardships, hopes and dreams. In this interactive web ‘shop’, you see pictures of people rather than products, with their monthly salaries listed (from 66 to 103 USD) instead of clothes prices.

In the same magazine edition, New Internationalist also addresses the “what now” question that arises when reading these workers’ stories. In an accompanying article they list three initiatives to improve fashion industry ethics, like ‘Knowlabel’ a digital label that shows the human and environmental impact of what you are wearing.

The True Cost Of Fashion
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