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Boom and bust

Thessa Lageman
Journalist, Writer, Photographer
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piqer: Thessa Lageman
Wednesday, 09 January 2019

Businesses, Industries And Technologies: Winners And Losers Of 2018 And 2019

The podcast host speaks to consultant Ralph Silva in Toronto and journalist Jyoti Malhotra in Delhi about their predictions for 2018 and for 2019. Futurologist Tracey Follows and Mike Jakeman, senior economist with PWC comment. If a prediction was correct, you can hear a cheering crowd. If they were wrong, you hear a booing crowd.

Technology is going to move us away from traditional payment methods, Silva predicted.

I scanned all the items that I wanted to purchase. I actually didn’t have cash in my pocket for quite some time.

“That prediction was spot on”, says Follows. She mentions KFC in China using facial recognition as a payment method.

Silva also mentioned robotics would do well, just like the internet of things, the connectivity of everything, so it can be controlled and measured.

My coffee machine and my Christmas lights get turned on when I tell it to turn on. On the business side, I rarely walk into a factory that isn’t almost entirely automated.

“The consumer offering is there, but I’m not sure if the adaptation has been as broad,” thinks Jakeman.

Malhotra expected solar energy will be very big in 2018, but admits: "It hasn’t been quite as much as I thought it would."

Silva expects retail companies that are trying to compete against Amazon and the like are all going to die in 2019.

Malhotra thinks cigarette companies like Philip Morris will get a hard year because less and less people smoke.

They agree that worldwide populism will grow, because of, says Jakeman, “the democratisation of the media through the internet. It’s far easier for extremists to have a voice.”

He also thinks there will be more artificial intelligence, visibly and invisibly. 

It is going to disrupt job markets. It is going to replace people from their jobs and to create new jobs.

At the end of the program, you’ll also hear why Silva and Malhotra think “impeachment” and “contest” will be the words of the year.

Businesses, Industries And Technologies: Winners And Losers Of 2018 And 2019
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