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piqd is your platform for audio discovery

Unlike articles, you can't skim audio. By providing high-quality summaries and reviews, we provide a sneak preview of audio content, so you can decide if it’s worth listening to. Our goal is to become the number one destination on the web for podcast discovery.

Our team of curators makes up the heart of piqd. Our experts are audio junkies and full-time professionals working in media, science, politics, economics and the tech industry. Each day, they comb the web to recommend the best, most interesting and relevant audio content about their fields. We call these recommendations piqs.

What's a piq?

About link

We don’t just link. Our curators provide each recommended podcast with a summary, review, and editorial opinion.

About question

We always answer the question:

Why is this podcast worth the listener’s time?

About up down

How relevant was this recommendation? Let us and other listeners know.

About speechbubbles

Members and curators comment on recommendations and link to even more relevant and insightful content.

Why do we do this?

We're entering a golden age for audio.

With new podcasts coming out every day, it can be hard to keep up! Unlike print articles, it’s impossible to “skim” audio to see if you like it. That's why we hire curators to comb the web for you, to identify and recommend fresh and absorbing new podcasts and audio documentaries, so podcast junkies like you can easily find new content to enjoy. As a piqd member, you'll receive a wealth of fascinating and informative new audio recommendations directly to your inbox each morning, saving you time.

Our curators

  • Jodie Jackson
    Jodie Jackson
    View piqer profile
  • Sarphan Uzunoğlu
    Sarphan Uzunoğlu
    Associate Professor, UiT The Arctic University of Norway
    View piqer profile
  • Maximilian Rosch
    Maximilian Rosch
    Online Editor and Community Manager at piqd

    BA in Communication Studies and Economics while working in Berlin for piqd

    View piqer profile
  • Will Kherbek
    Will Kherbek
    art critic
    View piqer profile
  • Daria Sukharchuk
    Daria Sukharchuk
    View piqer profile
  • Annie Hylton
    Annie Hylton
    Investigative Journalist, Professor
    View piqer profile
  • Tanzima Chowdhury
    Tanzima Chowdhury
    Social Entrepreneur & Activist
    View piqer profile
  • Patricia Alonso
    Patricia Alonso

    Freelance journalist based in Istanbul. Keeping an eye on Turkish politics and development.

    View piqer profile
  • Magda Skrzypek
    Magda Skrzypek
    Media development worker

    Prague-based media development worker from Poland with a journalistic background. Previously worked on digital issues in Brussels. Piqs about digital issues, digital rights, data protection, new trends in journalism and anything else that grabs my attention.

    View piqer profile
  • Mona Silavi
    Mona Silavi
    project manager
    View piqer profile
  • Javier Pérez de la Cruz
    Javier Pérez de la Cruz
    Multimedia Journalist
    View piqer profile
  • Hossein Derakhshan
    Hossein Derakhshan
    Media analyst

    Journalist and media researcher at Harvard's Shorenstein and MIT Media lab. Freed from Iranian prison after six years, in Nov 2014. Email: [email protected]

    View piqer profile
  • Valentina Nicolae
    Valentina Nicolae
    View piqer profile
  • Sam Kimball
    Sam Kimball

    Freelance journalist based in Paris, France, covering the Arab World. Have reported from Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Iraq, Palestine, Somalia, Ethiopia. Interested in US foreign policy in MENA region, imperialism, youth politics, and conflict.

    View piqer profile
  • Manuela Andreoni
    Manuela Andreoni
    Independent investigative journalist
    View piqer profile
  • Helen Morgan
    Helen Morgan
    Associate Editor
    View piqer profile
  • Katie McQue
    Katie McQue
    View piqer profile
  • Matthias Spielkamp
    Matthias Spielkamp
    View piqer profile
  • Rutvik Joshi
    Rutvik Joshi
    View piqer profile
  • Chhavi Sachdev
    Chhavi Sachdev
    Podcaster and Independent Radio Producer/Reporter
    View piqer profile
  • Ciku Kimeria
    Ciku Kimeria
    Writer, Adventurer, Development Consultant, Travelblogger
    View piqer profile
  • Santiago Saez Moreno
    Santiago Saez Moreno
    View piqer profile
  • Michael Cruickshank
    Michael Cruickshank
    Freelance Conflict Journalist
    View piqer profile
  • Adriana Díaz Martín-Zamorano
    Adriana Díaz Martín-Zamorano
    Communications Adviser for a European political party
    View piqer profile
  • Yavuz Baydar
    Yavuz Baydar
    View piqer profile
  • Neil Hauer
    Neil Hauer
    Analyst, journalist, consultant
    View piqer profile
  • Marie von Hafften
    Marie von Hafften
    Story Fellow
    View piqer profile
  • Peter Whiteford
    Peter Whiteford
    Professor in the Crawford School of Public Policy at The Australian National University, Canberra

    Peter Whiteford is a Professor in the Crawford School of Public Policy at The Australian National University, Canberra. He has worked in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in Paris, as well as other universities in Australia and the United Kingdom.

    View piqer profile
  • Marina Calculli
    Marina Calculli
    Lecturer in Middle Eastern Studies, Leiden University
    View piqer profile
  • Eduardo Longoria
    Eduardo Longoria
    President of Portunus, Treasurer of Prophase BioStudios
    View piqer profile
  • Nechama Brodie
    Nechama Brodie
    Author, fact-checker and academic
    View piqer profile
  • Rashmi Vasudeva
    Rashmi Vasudeva
    Features writer on health, lifestyle and the Arts, digital marketing blogger, mother
    View piqer profile
  • Cristina Belda Font
    Cristina Belda Font
    Journalist specialising in economics and international relations
    View piqer profile
  • Rosebell Kagumire
    Rosebell Kagumire
    Blogger/Communication Specialist
    View piqer profile
  • Kait Bolongaro
    Kait Bolongaro
    View piqer profile
  • Erin McIntyre
    Erin McIntyre
    Investigative Journalist

    Erin Siegal McIntyre is a independent investigative journalist. She is a Senior Fellow at the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism at Brandeis University and the author of "Finding Fernanda."

    View piqer profile
  • Vito Laterza
    Vito Laterza
    Anthropologist and political analyst
    View piqer profile
  • Melissa Hutsell
    Melissa Hutsell
    Freelance Writer and Editor
    View piqer profile
  • Geri Weis-Corbley
    Geri Weis-Corbley
    CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Good News Network
    View piqer profile
  • Emily Schultheis
    Emily Schultheis

    Freelance journalist currently based in Berlin, chronicling the effects of populism on elections in Europe. Former Washington-based political reporter for CBS News, Politico and National Journal.

    View piqer profile
  • Nuala Gathercole Lam
    Nuala Gathercole Lam
    Freelance Journalist
    View piqer profile
  • Roshawn Terrell
    Roshawn Terrell
    AI and Machine Learning Researcher For
    View piqer profile
  • Andrea Chu
    Andrea Chu
    Freelance Writer
    View piqer profile
  • Danielle Batist
    Danielle Batist
    View piqer profile
  • Catalina Lobo-Guerrero
    Catalina Lobo-Guerrero
    View piqer profile
  • Raksha Kumar
    Raksha Kumar
    Freelance Multimedia Journalist
    View piqer profile
  • Pamela Leiva Jacquelín
    Pamela Leiva Jacquelín
    Communicator specialising on indigenous issues
    View piqer profile
  • Bayla Metzger
    Bayla Metzger
    Radio reporter/producer
    View piqer profile
  • Marcus von Jordan
    Marcus von Jordan
    piqd cofounder

    since 2008 in the trench of revolutionizing journalism
    co-founder & CEO of piqd
    co-founder of
    CEO of August Schwingenstein Stiftung

    View piqer profile
  • Anim van Wyk
    Anim van Wyk
    Editor of Africa Check

    Anim is editor of the continent's first independent fact-checking website and based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

    View piqer profile
  • Malia Politzer
    Malia Politzer
    Editor of International Investigative Journalist
    View piqer profile
  • Elvia Wilk
    Elvia Wilk
    Writer, editor
    View piqer profile
  • Didem Tali
    Didem Tali

    Didem Tali is an award-winning journalist covering international development, gender, displacement and environment issues for English-language media around the world.

    View piqer profile
  • Moritz Orendt
    Moritz Orendt

    Founder of Blogger-App Blogbox and Content-Marketing-Tool Content Captain.

    Marketing for piqd.

    Fan of piqd.

    View piqer profile
  • Padmaparna Ghosh
    Padmaparna Ghosh
    Journalist and podcaster
    View piqer profile
  • Michaela Haas
    Michaela Haas
    Author. Reporter. Consultant.
    View piqer profile
  • Otis Gray
    Otis Gray
    Independent Radio Producer
    View piqer profile
  • Christian Odendahl
    Christian Odendahl
    View piqer profile
  • Abaas Mpindi
    Abaas Mpindi
    CEO and Founder of Media Challenge Initiative
    View piqer profile
  • Astha Rajvanshi
    Astha Rajvanshi
    View piqer profile
  • Sezin Oney
    Sezin Oney
    Journalist-Political Scientist
    View piqer profile
  • Jakub Górnicki
    Jakub Górnicki

    Jakub Górnicki. Blogger, reporter, technologist. Combines new technologies and storytelling with journalism, blogging, government accountability and transparency. Founder of Outriders.

    View piqer profile
  • Frederik Fischer
    Frederik Fischer
    Executive Editor of piqd
    View piqer profile
  • Nina Fasciaux
    Nina Fasciaux
    European ambassador for the Solutions Journalism Network
    View piqer profile
  • Sarah Salvadore
    Sarah Salvadore
    Investigative data journalist
    View piqer profile
  • Thessa Lageman
    Thessa Lageman
    Journalist, Writer, Photographer
    View piqer profile
  • Premesh Chandran
    Premesh Chandran
    Chief Executive Officer, Malaysiakini

    CEO and co-founder of Malaysia's top independent news website, with a reach of 5 million. Media management, metrics are my current passions. TED Fellow 2010.

    View piqer profile
  • Urszula Papajak
    Urszula Papajak
    Freelance Journalist

    Passionate about solutions that empower citizens in their fight for energy democracy. She will be curating an online discussion about the current energy transition, covering news on smart grid developments, new regulatory solutions supportive of citizen-owned renewable energy and much more.

    View piqer profile
  • Mark Koyama
    Mark Koyama
    View piqer profile
  • Georg Wallwitz
    Georg Wallwitz
    Author, Fund Manager
    View piqer profile
  • Elena Roda
    Elena Roda
    View piqer profile
  • Tanya Pampalone
    Tanya Pampalone
    Managing Editor
    View piqer profile
  • Mo Sattar
    Mo Sattar
    View piqer profile
  • Ixtzel Arreola de Hanekamp
    Ixtzel Arreola de Hanekamp
    Rural health worker, scientist and passionate researcher.
    View piqer profile
  • Emran Feroz
    Emran Feroz
    View piqer profile
  • Luis Eduardo BARRUETO
    Luis Eduardo BARRUETO
    Trade and development

    Luis BARRUETO is a journalist from Guatemala, currently working in trade policy at the Secretariat for Central American Economic Integration (SIECA). Studied business and finance journalism at Aarhus University in Denmark and City University London.

    View piqer profile
  • Erdem Arda Gunes
    Erdem Arda Gunes
    Political Analyst
    View piqer profile

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Konrad Schwingenstein


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Questions and Answers

Are the curators paid for their work?

Yes, we pay our experts for the following:

  1. A maximum of one recommendation per week and channel
  2. A short description of the linked content
  3. Taking part in discussions with other curators and our members

What criteria do you use to select your curators?

Our curators are enthusiastic and educated podcast junkies with specialized knowledge. They are talented communicators who enjoy discussing their finds with members of the piqd community.

Why use curators?

Our experts are truly diverse—with different nationalities, professions, geographical locations, and political perspectives. This diversity guarantees an audio guide with a greater variety of sources, opinions and perspectives. By relying on experts, rather than algorithms, we are able to ensure that listeners are exposed to content they’d probably never otherwise see.

How we would like our members to comment

piqd subscribers are invited to recommend their own audio content by creating their own community piqs, comment on posts, and invite their friends to piqd. Each action earns members “piqd pennies”, which can be redeemed at our partner site,

Editorial management

Our editorial team creates the different "channels" (different sections of the magazine), hires the curators that recommend the content, and personally reviews each and every piq to make sure they are of the highest quality. Curators are then free to post what they deem most relevant and interesting, without editorial interference.

Our investor

piqd is made possible by Konrad Schwingenstein. Konrad is the grandson of August Schwingenstein, co-founder of the Süddeutsche Verlag (a corporate group that was founded as a newspaper publisher and is now one of Germany's largest media companies). The family sold their shares of Süddeutsche Zeitung in 2007. Konrad is also the main investor of the August Schwingenstein foundation which supports continuing education for independent journalists.